1 Oct

In termite inspection reports what various details are to be mention ?

In 1982, after alterations to the boat intended to reduce its length to below 12 metres, the boat was re-measured by Customs. They entered its new dimensions in the register and on 19 April 1982 they issued a new certificate of registry recording the register length of the boat as 11.98 metres.

Dilapidation Report

On 26 July 1985 a surveyor from the Department of Trade and Industry questioned the accuracy of that record, but Customs took no action. On 30 March Customs extended the http://www.perthpropertyvaluations.net.au validity of the certificate of registry to 18 April 1992 but they omitted to amend the register length on the certificate which remained at 11.98 metres. Agents acting on behalf of the Ps during the transaction had not applied for a transcript of the register before the transaction was completed.

In early 1989 the Registrar of Fishing Vessels refused an application to register Mr P’s son as the new owner of the boat. The Registrar said that according to their records the boat’s register length was 13.30 metres and that it therefore required a safety certificate, as a boat over 12 metres length, before it could be used for fishing. The Ps tied the boat up and on 7 August 1991 they sold the boat for £10,000. On 15 June 1994 the Ps asked Customs for compensation of about £50,000 for loss of earnings and other losses caused by Customs’ mistake. On 6 December Customs told the Ps that it might be possible to make them an ex gratia payment of £5,000.

I found that there were doubts about whether Customs had properly fulfilled their statutory duties in respect of the measurement and registration of the dimensions of the boat. I also found that Customs had erred when they had recorded the register length of the boat in 1982 and that in 1985 they had missed an opportunity to correct that mistake.

2 Jul

How does the process of building and pest inspection conducted in small budget?

The annual East Riding Readers Day provides the opportunity for everyone who loves reading to talk about why it matters so much. The authors who will be involved in these intimate discussions about their work and reading habits include Joanne Harris, Joseph Harris, Joseph Connolly, Niall Griffiths and Adam Thorpe. The Readers Day series is in Scarborough and will feature Louis de Bernieres and Marian Keyes. For more information and a booking form please contact Tom Palmer. This event will include appearances and readings from two Yorkshirebased crime writers, Ann Cleeves and John Baker.

Poet Laureate Andrew Motion and Colette Bryce reading at the first of a series of events which will take place at York’s Friargate Theatre between four and six times a year. Chris Stewart, well known author of Driving Over Lemons will be giving a talk on his new book A Parrot in the Pepper Tree. Arts Council England has launched its new Grants for the Arts programme.

What is essential is that there is a new and vigorous champion for community sentences who will transform them from a mere control mechanism, into a means for people to make amends and change their lives. The sixth World Book Day celebrates the books that sum up contemporary Britain. Thursday 6 March is World Book Day 2003 in the UK and Ireland – the biggest annual celebration of books and reading.

Now in its sixth year, World Book Day has become firmly established in the nation’s consciousness as a key part of the cultural calendar. Each year, thousands of book-related events take place across the UK and Ireland – from authors and children filling the London Eye with reading activities, to readings in Edinburgh Zoo and Deep Sea World, Home Inspection to celebrities promoting reading on billboards and bus sides. World Book Day 2003 sees the announcement of the results of a poll to find out which books say the most about contemporary England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

23 Jun

What is the main requirement for performing the building and pest inspection process?

June 6th when Val Richards, their School Crossing Patrol, retires after 28 years helping children to cross the road safely. Val began her career as a School Crossing Patrol when her son volunteered her to stand in for just a week to help out until a permanent patrol could be found’ Val enjoyed the job so much she decided to apply for the permanent post herself. Since she began in 1973 Val has become an important part of the community, helping children cross the road safely on their way to and from school every morning and afternoon.

The children still need to cross roads safely even on wet and windy days, but the weather never put me off and I have lots of very happy memories. I’ve enjoyed watching the children grow up to become adults and parents themselves, and eventually seeing their children safely across the road to school too. Headteacher Dr Jones will present Val with flowers, cards and a present from the children, Pest And Building Inspection parents and staff of Mount Charles school at a special ceremony at 10.05 am on Wednesday, June 6th.

Val always has a smile and wave for everyone and, although she will still be part of our community, we will miss her standing at the side of Victoria Road every week day. Val will also be presented with a commemorative plate from Cornwall County Council Road Safety Unit by Joan Mallard, County Road Safety Officer. Although we are very sad to see Val leave, we can quite understand that after 28 years she would like a lie in on Monday mornings. We hope someone just as dependable as Val will step forward for us to pass her lollipop onto.

From expert advice on surfing the Internet, talks from best selling authors and exhibitions of pottery. June is a very busy month for libraries in West Cornwall which are jam packed with all kinds of talks, events and activities – many of which are free of charge. These range from expert advice on surfing the Internet and word processing at Camborne Library, culminating in an invitation to go WILD and learn to have fun with the Internet for young parents on June 18th and June 25th. Falmouth Library is promoting local arts and crafts, with displays and exhibitions of jewellery, cards and local crafts, while Hayle is giving people the opportunity to create Holiday Havoc on Friday, June 1st.