2 Apr

How are the various important points of working of building and pest inspection known?

Whilst protecting the integrity of the current service we offer, we will seek to generate by Property Valuers Brisbane, QLD an increase in demand for Disclosures in a number of different ways. By broadening the general awareness of the CRB throughout the Registered Body community, we will increase the level of demand for Disclosures.

The issue of a policy for renewals and rechecks needs to be addressed, on the basis that Disclosure applicants who remain in post for a certain period of time (specified according to each industry sector) should be subject to a Disclosure recheck. In addition to the increased contribution to Home Office Aim 1, a carefully planned and well-implemented renewals policy will contribute to our strategic aim of developing capacity by increasing the breadth and depth of our service.

Additionally, we believe there are a number of sectors where current demand for the Disclosure service is noticeably lower than expected. By increasing the general level of awareness of our service and the importance of Disclosure checks, we will ensure that latent demand is generated from those organisations who should be making greater use the CRB. The CRB will raise awareness by highlighting services, achievements and developments by increasing media-coverage and positive news stories to establish the Disclosure Service as an efficient and effective recruitment tool that reduces the crime and fear of crime.

This will be delivered through a continual proactive-programme of news releases aimed at the media and opinion formers. We recognise that there is a growing demand from Registered Bodies for a clear steer from the Home Office and the CRB for a policy regarding the rechecking and refreshing of existing Disclosures. This issue is particularly relevant within the context of the Bichard Inquiry. The development of such a policy would represent a fundamental change to the way that the CRB currently operates.